We want to be European!

We want to be Europeans, we are Europeans. Hungarians are protesting these days, against the lawmaking of our government, for being European, for being free, independent and human. The government ceased to represent us. We may not be the majority, nevertheless, they have no right to take away our future and freedoms. They don't respect anyone not following their ways, and with their lawmaking, they are trying to destroy us.

We are European
We are European
I am marching with the protesters

We march the streets, people from every ages, to protest against the laws crippling universities, non-governmental organizations, hoping for a change, hoping for awakening the nation, hoping for Europe to see us, to see that we don't agree with what our lunatic government is doing with Europe, how they are destroying the very essence of Europe and humanity.

Me with an European Union flag
Me with an European Union flag
Myself with an European Union flag

I am with Europe. We are with Europe, humanity, independence and freedom, all what Europeanness represents. We are numerous.

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