Green lizard eating


Many lizard lived on the castle walls up there, Wall lizards, Sand lizards, and European green lizards could be seen by one being cautious. I was cautious, the result: First time I could spot one eating something: precisely a snail.

Spotting such is not easy, since usually one notices the lizard by almost stepping on him, making him rushing away, obviously dropping any natural behavior he was doing before. Well, mostly sunbathing, but occasionally more interesting stuff also happens. Like this. Usually I track them by hearing, identifying their movement, so I know where they are before they would become wary of my presence. This time I was following a sand lizard when I heard another one slightly away, and decided to investigate. It did worth!

The fun thing was while it happily tried to disembowel that snail for a while on various spots, finally he picked it up, and ran almost across my boot (about a mere ten centimeters from it) aiming for a large pile of rocks to finally disappear between the crags with the snail still in his mouth.

I am not entirely sure of the gender, though. In spring the males get distinguishing blue throats, but it only lasts until the mating season. This one was quite large, could have been a male.

Referred artworks

  • Northern Hungary, 2015


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