A walk, please?

A walk, please?

That's my Kyokka character.

Hopeful for someone to take the end of that leash to take him for a nice long walk, good exercise. Guess he needs it! Just as much as a fine delicious ample meal afterwards to weigh him down good for the night! His weight needs to be kept in good check after all, can't afford to lose any of that delightful loose soft pudge down there! Rather maybe subtly sneak a few pounds more on him even?

Back when he was slender (yes, it is his refsheet, trying to maintain the arrangement of those stripes!)

Therapy. He is happy, I am not since a very long while. Feeling very lonely, isolated and apathetic. I have no idea how it would even be possible to actually meet anyone in this mess (April, 2021, 13 months since Covid lockdowns started). Internet is bleak, bland and empty, frustrating.

Referred artworks

  • A Guide to Cyats
  • Kyokka reference
  • RoePipi in a Shiriat town
  • Animated wobble cycle


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