It is the 28th March, we are near switching to summer time, a few days past the spring equinox, and we are still covered deep in snow! Captain Winter thinks it's still not enough, but probably this was really his last pull in this half of the year. And finally I got to really see the Sun! So let's hit the road, and take some photos with that old Olympus C2500L!

Winter sunset
Winter sunset
Sunset on the 28th March, 2013

From the 25th of March there were again heavy snowfalls which lasted until the night of the 27th. This was some unusually beautiful winter weather we rarely experience even in the winter months, and much less in Spring. Something what probably only happens once in about twenty years. This time until now there was just a few short weeks of Spring - like weather, but just the same like those early warm days which may well occur even in February. So until now, truly there weren't too much signs of the winter really passing, although now weather forecasts predict melting and gradual increase of temperature. Well, will see, until then better enjoy the snow while it lasts!


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