The Guardian's Offerings

I received a quite awesome piece of art from Passerine Dragon (she is on FurAffinity) depicting a chubby Akri who couldn't quite resist the pleasant convenience of living on a village's plentiful offerings in exchange for his protection. It inspired me to write a short story set on the Cheetaan homeworld, just some light entertainment (well, apart from a certain Akri) for those interested.

Normally I would recommend reading New World 2648 first since this story is set in the future of that one (about 30 or so terranean years later), however I still have no idea when I will ever get to complete translating that one to English. It is not required at all for this story, just that it would unveil things which would spoil the big novel somewhat.

Anyway, if you like the picture above, you should enjoy this light adventure!

Referred artworks


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