Animated wobble cycle

Animated wobble cycle

My chonky Kyokka hefted his fat swaying gut for a nice stroll it seems!

Animation isn't that hard, or so it seemed after in about three hours I sketched up a 13 frame walk... uh... wobble cycle which somehow was just too damn captivating to leave it that way. So I got to work, and the end result a week of absolutely abusing Gimp beyond what it was ever designed for arrived here. He is thicc and there he wobbles!

26 frames, 9 layers in each frame (which in actuality never happened in a single file due to hitting hard technical limitations, I had to do this in stages).

Just because I can :)

Though after hammering this through Gimp, might need to find something actually suitable for doing animations!

Also take a peek at it in full size: 1280 x 480

Referred artworks

  • A walk, please?


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