In July, 2015 we made a trip to Northern Hungary with a friend, namely the hills of Aggtelek. I dusted off my old Olympus C2500 camera for it, a little miracle by itself: it survived, and the photos turned out to be quite worthwhile! Apart from the famous caves, there are no serious mentions in this region, however beauty not always comes advertised!

Nightfall over the mountains

Small wonders, small town living in harmony with nature, blending in the hilly landscape, the Outside. We were out for several days camping in a tent, got soaked, and seen the forest steaming of vapor, day and night. It is not always a merry thing, lugging five days worth of foodstuff and a tent for miles and yet more miles, downhill and uphill, then occasionally having just that measly few square meters reasonably dry in the entire region, which, guess no need to mention, gained a bit foul odour to the last days. Oh, and of course it had to be my tent, so the joys of cleaning the stuff also befallen on me.

Anyway, seeing that world was an awesome thing on its own! It is a remarkable feature of Hungary that we haven't got too many dangerous animals in our forests, only two venomous snakes which by some wild rumors could kill someone feeble enough, and two such spiders. Wild boars, and even mere ticks carrying some foul disease carry greater threat than those! So, given some basic precautions, one could really be out here without too much to worry about, and see the land.

Well, enough of rambling, just follow the pages to get some glimpse of how these northern hills feel like, strictly above ground, since for now that interested us the more!

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